A comprehensive set of products and services that deliver collaborative end-to-end solutions to unlock the full power of your drone and IoT systems.

Mission Keeper

Content Capture, Viewing and Collaboration Software

KSI's proprietary software and user interface that delivers live data from drones, ROVs, submersibles robots, dash cams, and other IoT devices. MissionKeeper makes real-time collaboration possible by allowing multiple remote users to see the same video and data feeds simultaneously, zero in on what is most important, and quickly make informed, team-based decisions. All missions and content can be recorded and stored for later review.

720P - 1280 x 720 (1)
Mission Keeper Mobile

iOS Application for Content
Capture and Viewing

The MissionKeeper Mobile Application allows a field operator to use an iOS device to control a drone, see the drone’s data and video feed, and capture secondary POV video from the iOS device’s camera. All video streams and data are securely sent to the cloud via LTE and shared live with remote stakeholders via the MissionKeeper UI.

Compatible with DJI drones

Product Features

  • Live Streaming When, where & how you need it
  • Multiple Streams Simultaneous Live Sources
  • Collaborative View Sharing Gorgeous, high-quality video sharing on desktop, mobile, tablet or more
  • Chat Live Mission Text
  • LTE Enabled Peak efficiency
  • Intuitive User Friendly UI/UX
  • Cloud Storage Powerful archive & search

“Being able to stream live video from any of our drone platforms to our customers and partners in a reliable, scalable and secure way has been a game changer for us. Our flight teams deliver exactly what our customers need for real situational awareness and rapid, flexible decision making.”

Tommy Kenville, CEO at iSightRPV

“KSI Data Sciences brings an impressive video and data management solution for drones and will have a significant impact on public safety drone missions.”

Chief Charles Werner, Director of DRONERESPONDERS

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Our mission is to revolutionize the way our partners access, analyze and make collaborative decisions using remote data sources. We fully harness the power of drones and IoT devices to save time, money, and lives.

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