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Mission Caster


MissionCaster 2.0 is KSI’s proprietary hardware solution that works in tandem with MissionKeeper to enable content capture (via a HDMI connection), encoding, edge-computing, and live collaborative global delivery.

Product Features

  • Flexible Streaming 5G/LTE, WiFi & ethernet compatible
  • Optimized 5G/LTE Customizable cradlepoint modem
  • Plug and Play Automatic recognition
  • Heavy Duty Battery Minimum 8+ hour life, hot-swappable, auxiliary
  • Simple, Powerful UI 7-inch touchscreen & external keyboard compatible
  • Versatile Inputs & Outputs Supports HDMI, ethernet, USB-C
  • HD Streaming 1080P
  • Secure End-to-end encryption

“Being able to stream live video from any of our drone platforms to our customers and partners in a reliable, scalable and secure way has been a game changer for us. Our flight teams deliver exactly what our customers need for real situational awareness and rapid, flexible decision making.”

Tommy Kenville, CEO at iSightRPV

“KSI Data Sciences brings an impressive video and data management solution for drones and will have a significant impact on public safety drone missions.”

Chief Charles Werner, Director of DRONERESPONDERS

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