MissionKeeper Quickstart Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

MissionKeeper Web

1. I signed up for an account, why do I get “Pending Approval” when I try to log in?

When a new user signs up they must be approved by their organization administrator before they can officially join the organization and successfully sign in. The administrator has access to see that a new user has signed up and can update the status from Pending Approval to the appropriate user role level.

2. I know a specific mission exists, why can’t I see it on the Calendar?

The mission lists and Calendar only display missions that users have been invited to. If a mission is not available, you can contact the owner of the mission and request that they add you as an invited user to the mission. The mission owner can do this by either editing the Mission Details from the Calendar or inviting the user from within the mission screen.

3. Why is the stream is not playing, not playing smoothly or showing pixilation?

After confirming the stream is live from the field the first thing to check is the quality of the network and amount of bandwidth available. Although MissionKeeper is designed to work in network bandwidth challenged environments, a minimum bandwidth is required to produce a smooth quality stream. The 2 sources of network bottleneck are between the source in the field and the server and from the server to the individual users. If the network in the field is too low, all users will experience a similar issue and the solution is to try streaming at a lower bitrate, move to a location with better network coverage or in some cases if possible wait until better coverage is available (when using LTE in the field, a large number users all accessing the same tower can saturate the tower and create a low bandwidth environment even though there appears to be a strong connection). Running a speed test locally on the same network as the streaming device will help determine if bandwidth is the issue. Generally anything above 5Mbps Upload is sufficient for a 2Mbps stream.
If other users are seeing a quality stream the issue is likely not due to network problems in the field but on the local network being used to deliver the stream to the browser or mobile app. Running a speed test on the machine or device that is being used to view the stream can determine if network is the issue. Generally, anything above 5Mbps Download is sufficient to view the stream (this is assumed that another process or browser tab is not using a large amount of download network at the same time).

4. Why is the stream is showing up as a black screen in the player window?

In some cases, network Firewall or security settings can block the video from reaching the browser. Some corporate / government networks block some content by default, and it is suggested to check with the corporate IT department to see if this may be the case. Generally your IT department can set up the network to authorize the specific MissionKeeper URL in use to access the network and stream the video.
A black screen can be experienced if the browser does not support the MissionKeeper video format. MissionKeeper is officially supported in Chrome and Firefox on PC, Mac and Android. It may not work properly in other browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge. If viewing on an iOS device, the MissionKeeper Mobile app (available from the Apple App store) is required together with a user account to view the video as Apple does not natively support the video in the browser in iOS.

5. What is an “external ” user?

An external user is someone outside your organization that you want to invite to a specific mission. You can send them an invitation (see below) but they will only have access to that mission and once the mission is ended they lose all access. If you invite the same user on multiple occasions you may want to upgrade them to a regular, registered user in your organization. An External user that is frequently invited can be promoted to a “Guest” role. The “Guest” role allows users to log in but prevents them from creating new missions thus allowing limted but easy access

6. How do I invite an external user to a mission?

An external user can access a specific mission via a mission email link. In the mission the “+” icon to the right of the Participants title allows for either a specific email address to be entered or a link to the mission to be copied to the clipboard. If an email address is entered, the email link will be sent directly from MissionKeeper. Otherwise the user can open their normal email client and paste the link into a custom created email and sent to one or more invitees. The link will take the user to the login page and they will need to “sign up” to create user credentials. Once they have signed up the user will be taken directly to the mission.

MissionKeeper Mobile iOS app

1. What is the MissionKeeper Mobile App?

This IoS only app is available from the Apple App store. It provides:
• Mobile access to MissionKeeper so that the user can view and participate in Missions created by others
• It enables the user to create a mission and invite users
• It enables the user to stream video from the device’s own camera into a mission
• It integrates with DJI drones to allow pilots to use the app (when docked into a DJI controller) as their drone control
application and it streams video and telemetry from the drone.

2. I downloaded the app but it’s asking for a userid and password?

In order to use the MIssionKeeper mobile application you need to be a registered user in their exisiting organization. Please refer to your organization’s administrator.

3. How do I start/schedule a mission?

Open the application and login. Click the “+” sign at the top right of the screen. This will open the new mission dialog and will automatically default the mission start time to the current time and create an end time (2 hours later). The mission will start automatically unless the start time is changed to a date/time in the future. At that point other users can be invited. The location of the mission is defaulted to the location of the device. Once started, the mission can be found in the live missions section.

4. Why don’t I see the mission I am looking for in my Live Mission list?

The mission lists only display missions that users have been invited to. If a mission is not available, you can contact the owner of the mission and request that they add you as an invited user to the mission. The mission owner can do this by either editing the Mission Details from the Calendar or Editing the Mission Settings within the mission screen. In addition, if the mission has not been started, the mission will be listed in the Scheduled Mission list.

5. When I stream from the device camera, why is the video too tall to fit in the player window?

The player window is designed for a landscape stream. When holding the device in portrait orientation the video will play but it will extend past the bottom of the player requiring scrolling in the web browser. Holding the device in landscape orientation before starting the stream will produce a stream that fits properly in the player window.

6. Why can’t I see the DJI pilot screen when I Broadcast?

The MissionKeeper Mobile App is designed to use the DJI drone feed when the drone and controller are powered up and connected. If you hit the Broadcast button and are seeing the device camera rather than the drone pilot screen, make sure the usb cable is properly connected between the DJI drone controller and the iOS device and that the drone/controller are powered up and show that the drone and controller are connected.

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