A pure cloud-based, highly secure, intuitive, collaborative environment for all your video and data regardless of source. The MissionKeeper service is accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Video and data is compiled from airbourne, mobile devices, security cameras, and sensors. Building block applications provide basic services supporting a broad range of analytical problems. MissionKeeper is supported by MissionCaster hardware to ensure effective connectivity from the field.

Key Features

Schedule a Mission

Set up your mission in advance with the MissionKeeper scheduler. Quickly schedule mission time and location, allocate hardware, send invitations and see upcoming scheduled missions with just a click.

Share on the fly

Sharing mission video and data in near-real time is at the heart of MissionKeeper and unlocks the real value. Click to invite members of your organization or enter an email address of anyone you would like to invite to your mission and they will get an instant invite to view and collaborate using just their browser.

Chat - Text and Audio

Take collaboration to another level with text and audio chat between anyone particiapting in the mission. Text chat logs are stored and indexed to the video so a comment alone can guide a user to important portions of a video when reviewing a mission.


The Map provides context to your video. Without a real-time map, users have no awareness of where the platform is, was, or where it is looking. MissionKeeper's unique telemetry handling features allow the viewing of a live, moving map with the platform's positioning and mission history. The map also displays where locally logged-in users are in relation to the platform and its field of view.


Weather is one of the most important factors that will affect your flight. Every pilot is different in terms of what they look for in weather as to "go or not go" with flights. Real-time weather from the National Weather Service is available anytime with radar map and 3 local weather station conditions.


In addition to the encrypted physical network, MissionCaster's output can be AES-256 encrypted as it is streamed, ensuring your video is secure and only shared with the users you invite. It is also stored in encrypted format.

Cloud Storage and Data Management

Archive your video and telemetry in the cloud and manage your data through MissionKeeper. Easy filtering allows efficient access to previous missions via Archive and Search.

Coming soon...

Advanced Archive and Search

After your mission has ended, MissionKeeper becomes your data management solution allowing intelligent and simple search options to locate archived video and data. By entering search parameters and then drawing a search area onto a map, you can identify previous missions flown within the area and then pull up those missions within MissionKeeper. Your archived video and data becomes much easier to find and reuse when needed.

Advanced Archive Filtering

After selecting a mission from Advanced Archive and Search results, take advantage of the ability to scrub along the flight path to see key frames of your video to further refine your search results. Move your cursor over the green flight path in the image to the left to see an example.

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