Mission Caster

It's all about the data, getting your data to the cloud in real-time. MissionCaster is the first and only mobile video encoder you will ever need, bringing more value to your investments in remote sensing platforms. Broadcast live video (SD or HD via 4G LTE, WiFi, LAN, or satellite) to MissionKeeper for real-time awareness, archive and analysis, and sharing.

MissionCaster Pro

MissionCaster Pro is our most flexible solution accepting inputs from virtually any remote platform. HDMI, SDI, analog, digital, composite or VGA? MissionCaster accepts them all. Just plug in, turn on the power and stream high-quality H.264-encoded video. MissionCaster delivers a MISP compliant transport stream complete with KLV metadata directly to MissionKeeper via LTE, WiFi, and Ethernet.

MissionCaster Lite

MissionCaster Lite was designed with DJI customers in mind. MissionCaster Lite harnesses the power of the DJI platform allowing video and data to be broadcast via an LTE-enabled tablet connected to your DJI controller. Install the app on your tablet and immediately broadcast your video and data to MissionKeeper.

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